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level number three

level number three

customer: family S., summer 2011

Concerning the front garden family S. did not have any ideas how it could look like. But one thing was quite sure right from the beginning, it should not be as overloaded as the original front garden.

The slogan of the project was: “doing more with less” therefore a very minimalistic design which should go together with the future house was needed. In order to create a flowing transition between the house and the front garden we had to raise the level of lawn by 60 cm and we futhermore enclosed this area with natural stones.

This was the first time that limestone was used in such large dimensions. Moreover the area which is facing the public section was enclosed with solitary trees called Betula utilis. They have a very characteristic white trunk which created a wonderful picture with the house.

In the past the family had had some bad experience with birches.Therefore we decided to use sweet gum trees.
They also create a perfect harmony with their white-coloured foliage. The trees were planted deeply into the lawn as well as indirectly lit in order to present them in the perfect perspective.
We wanted to boost the effect and so we planted bush hedges around the trees as well.

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