Gartenplanung, Gartengestaltung, Gartenpflege Burgenland

the “fiery” courtyard

the “fiery” courtyard

customer: Mrs. T., construction phase 1: 2010; construction phase 2: 2012

Mrs. T had the idea and wish to convert her very nice Burgenland court into a kind of farm garden matching the historical building. Furthermore she was complaining about a blot in her garden for which she had no use..

The Burgenland court was planned quite quickly. We used gravel in combination with herbs along the building blooming especially during the warm periods of the year as she uses this estate as a summer residence.

In the selection of plants the focus was on different shrubs and flowers that could also be dried.  We also had to use drought-tolerant shrubs as it can happen that they are not watered for longer periods of time.

Unfortunately we had no idea for the blot in her garden. However after two years it happened in the course of an on-site inespection. We had a brilliant idea. What about a fireplace room in the middle of the garden? A place to read and to relax.

We left nothing to chance. Starting from the paving to the fireplace as well as the wooden wall, the illumination and finally the furniture. Everything was planned and implemented by us.
Concerning the metalwork we worked together with our partner company Metalldesign Pock zurückgreifen.

Mrs. T. was overjoyed and the grill was inaugurated at a garden party!

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