Gartenplanung, Gartengestaltung, Gartenpflege Burgenland

atrium in red and violet

atrium in red and violet

customer: family S., summer 2012

At the beginning of the courtyard planning stage the following facts were in the centre of our attention: preservation of the tree population, privacy shield as well as a Mediterranean atmosphere. During the construction phase the following items were added: a rubbish dump, water features and enough space for a rotary clothes dryer.

We tried to preserve specimens of the orignial tree population, such as pine trees and three Austrian pines as they are perfectly adapted to the pannonic climate..

Besides that a thinning procress of the copper beech was started. We decided to bring the colour red once more into play by using plants with red leaves such as Heuchera micrantha‚ Palace Purple’as well as Sedum telephium ‚José Aubergine’. Furthermore we used red sandstone for the stairs and the bench.

In order to loosen up the stonework a little bit we decided to build a privacy shield which was especially designed for that project.It was a lightweight construction composed of wood.

As a next step we wanted to give the atrium a Mediterranean touch which was realized with a generously dimensioned embankment.We therefore used lavender and  hemp palm trees.
For us the strictly arranged lavender rows were very important which should create a link between the lavender fields in France and this project.
For the water assets we decided to use stainless steel which sould not destroy the view from the roof terrace to the stonework. For the implementation we assigned our partner company: Metalldesign Pock.

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