Gartenplanung, Gartengestaltung, Gartenpflege Burgenland

garden of the sources

garden of the sources

customer: family Z., summer 2008

The front garden was divided into a path and a lane. The circle in the middle represents the centre. Indian bean trees serve as a lateral frame. Their huge foliage ensures a breaking-up.

In the rear section the main focus was on the spectacular view facing the Schneeberg.

One problem we were confronted with was the existing geothermal energy. This was solved in form of a terracing. Furthermore a small seating area was created which can be used as a rest area even during windy periods. The special thing about this seating area is that you can only face the waterfall from that position. Otherwise you can only hear the sound of the water.

As solitary trees three Cercis siliquastrum – southern European Judas trees were used.

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