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lounge in silver

lounge in silver

customer: family T., spring 2014

While I was dealing with the building owner of that project there was one thing that was definitely clear – everything was unclear. The client insisted that he wanted a trick fountain in the middle of the lawn area. After a few discussions and sketches I could convince him of my visions and ideas.

I wanted to go for a kind of lounge placed in the rear-side area. An area where people could relax and enjoy the water game. I could finally persuade him with my outlook drawings.

A wonderful combination of flowering shrubs in different colours such as light yellow, purple, pink and silver lets you immerse into nature. Enjoy the seating area with all your senses.

We sat there, enjoyed the view, had a coffee and butterflies were flying over our heads. If I had told him that a few weeks before, he would have never believed it. A dream that has been made reality. :-)

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