Gartenplanung, Gartengestaltung, Gartenpflege Burgenland

The vineyard in the garden

The vineyard in the garden

customer: family S., summer 2007

At this project the architecture of the house was of prime importance. We wanted to create a private sphere clearly isolated from the company premises. An area where customers arrive with busses and private cars in order to take part in wine tastings. Both building owners wanted to keep the connecting path as short as possible as they use it many times a day.

At first we created a raised bed with Araucaria araucana close to the house. As a material for it we used basalt. During the building phase we changed the wooden terrace as it had already become too small and narrow for the children.

The delimination to the company premises is a zigzag shaped wall which is an interesting transition to the private house. For the path we decided to go for the moved option. But we wanted to avoid a continuous visual axis. To underline the importance of this point we fixed mirrors on the walls. But in a different angle, opposite the path.

Laterally to the entrance there was an existing oak avenue. Among them we planted different kinds of vines. They were planted in parallel. On the one hand as a privacy screen and on the other hand to present different kinds of vines to the clients.

As a futher highlight we planted grasses and weeds in the shape of a grape. This should emphasize the importance of the viticulture and its history.

We would like to thank you for the confidence you have shown us and we would do it that way again!

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