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The holiday garden

The holiday garden

Auftraggeber: family B., autumn 2013, spring 2014

A holiday home at one of the many lakes in Burgenland. Partly a large stand of mature trees but also plants and green areas that have seen better days. Impossible to be maintained.
Instead of recharging one’s batteries and enjoying the garden the customer had to work the whole weekend. Mowing the lawn, weeding and watering the garden had become a major burden.

A new concept had to be developed!

A few trees as well as shrub beds had to be cleared. The remaining trees had to be carefully shaped. We wanted the basic structure to remain but to shine like new.
The customer’s wish was simple: The garden should be easy to clean and to maintain. Everything should be automated and there should be a nice barbecue area. It was important for the customers that this area is not too far away from the guests.

From the beginning we liked the red window wings. An element which we wanted to pick up somewhere else.
As materials we chose granite, gneiss and porphyry from South Tyrol. Besides that the inclusion of the already existing terrace was extremely important for us. We thought about using natural stone for the design of the garden area. This would match the shape of the flat roof. A barbecue area was created as well as a trick fountain. In the BBQ area different „herbes de Provence“ were used. Of course to be available for salads and sauces.

In order to reduce the time-consuming maintenance measures a robotic lawn mower was installed. And for the watering of the garden an automatic irrigation system was implemented. For an atmospheric lighting we installed garden lighting which can be regulated individually according to the customers‘ mood. In order not to destroy the entrance area because of the dustbins, they were hidden in especially designed boxes of the same colour as the red window wings.

Today the family is happy that everything was done in one go and finally they can enjoy their weekends.
Due to the use of bulb plants the family loves the garden even much more before the garden season opening. To be there when everything is flourishing and turning to green!

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