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The raised-bed made of basalt

The raised-bed made of basalt

customer: family T., summer 2014

The initial situation: The classical front garden to be seen a hundred times in Burgenland and I guess even throughout Austria.
Sometimes densely packed with presents such as plants and many souvenirs from their hiking tours.
Today these ‚presents‘ have become full-grown spruces and other conifers. When you enter the front garden it feels like a prison. Far too much!

More light and space to breath freely

The wishes of our customer were quite simple. More light and space to breath freely. Many flowers they said would be nice too. Also the pavings should be cleared and exposed as they have become overgrown.

At first all the trees were cleared by our customer himself. Like this the full size of the pavings became visible.

In order to compensate the height difference we laid a terrace. As a material we used natural basalt stones.
Like this the gap between the lawn and the rest of the area could be closed. Towards the street we decided to create a related shrub bed. We wanted it to be like a line running through the property.
The variety of flowers during the growing season was of great importance. Alternation should be provided with the help of plants having different leaf structures.

Along the paving we decided to use flat pots planted with different winter-hardy plants called opuntia.

Today the owners are happy and glad about their wonderful view at any time of the year. And particularly about the open space to breathe freely!

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