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The square in the roundness

The square in the roundness

customer: family R., back area 2012, front yard 2013

The challenge of this project was that many things had been specified, such as the paving. Another component was that wishes were made concerning visual protection, vegetable patches, herbs and strawberries. There was a driveway at the side which was not used by the owners anymore. Through this way you could reach the back part of the garden. After an intensive first interview we came to the conclusion to divide the project into two parts starting with the back area.

The visual protection was achieved with Italian cypresses. Of course the required vegetables and strawberries also got their desired location. Herbs that are hungry for the sun were positioned in raised beds in front of the terrace. Everything nicely integrated in permanent planting such as different grasses and weeds as well as yucca palms.

For the driveway I also had the perfect solution. For the climbers we designed three walls made of wood and steel that would signal the direction for the plants. To provide another special highlight we planted exemplars of winter jasmine to expand the view from the winter garden. These plants provide a pleasant atmosphere because of their green shoots. The countless yellow flowers are a further ray of hope during the gloomy season.

Front yard

The front yard was done a year later. In this case it was absolutely necessary that it would form a unit with the house. Therefore I decided to create a huge organic area with three squares in it. Each of these squares was planted with trees called Acer rufinerve. This is a wonderful small tree which has an extraordinary autumnal colouring.

The remaining area was planted with evergreen ground cover as well as flowering shrubs in the colours yellow and white to match the house facade. The interesting point is that Mr. R. now nearly knows all the plants in his garden. He is eager to learn more about the care of each individual plant and especially how to improve it. It was a step-by-step change of thinking.

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