roofgarden, mediterranean

customer: family Sch., autumn 10 – spring 12

Family Sch. are already long-term customers. Therefore the mutual confidence was already present. Apart from three different loads which influenced the project significantly the clients had a few wishes, such as a trick fountain, plenty of herbs and many strawberries.

During the planning we stuck to the architecture of the house. It was very important for me to divide the area into raised beds and water basins. This created a more homelike and protected area for the dining area and the lounge terrace.

Furthermore we wanted to create a connection to the roof of the indoor pool. In this area we changed the gap alignment of the wooden terrace. We continued this line of the roof greening with weed hedges.

We wanted to put the area in the limelight and therefore we decided to choose lights in the shape of globes. Because of this subdued and warm light it was also possible to create a special atmosphere at night. These geometric bodies also helped to underline the formal architecture.

For the planting we went for Pannonian ornamental grasses but also American perennials such as Ratibida and Echinacea.
The plants were actually used as visual dividers. Therefore we also planted Yucca gloriosa. This plant is especially well known for its leaves as well as the trunk which will create a Mediterranean atmosphere in the near future.

The customer was satisfied with the outcome despite the technical challenges of this project. And of course it made us happy too!

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