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The exotic example

The exotic example

customer: family L., spring 2011

This client is an absolute specialist for exotic plants. During the course of the project we inspired each other.We created new ideas and possiblities.
The order was a mediteranean design and to make way for all the existing exotic plants on the property.  But also to make way for new plants that were still missing in the client’s collection.
Furthermore they ordered a spacious pool with a garden lounge and a ramp for the already existing terrace. So that all the pots and containers could be transported easily.

For the future garden lounge we decided to place it in the right corner so that we could use the property effectively. Moreover the pool was planned diogonal in order to create an additional deep view effect.

As a next step a line of sight in form of a small path directly to the lounge was created.  This was done to go to the extremes of creating a deep view effect.
The choice of materials was clear, we used different kinds of sandstone, as well as tuff and original Italian roof tiles. All these materials were used to remind the client of his beloved Italy.
For the planting we chose different palm trees, agaves, yuccas as well as olive trees as you can see for yourself.

With a few tricks and the right handling a lot is possible, even in Austria!

The show of flowers starts in spring with violet and orange colours. During the summer time they change from violet and orange to yellow and red. My clients are sure that our strenuous efforts paid off. Every day they enjoy “their” Italy in their own garden!

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