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the polygon garden

the polygon garden

customer: family St., spring 2013

The wishes family St. had were obvious. Finally they wanted to have a garden with a nice entrance, with flowering bushes and of course it also had to be easy to be cleaned.
The house itself is lined up in three axes. Therefore it was quite clear that this fact had to be represented in the garden as well. Sandstone columns had been used  and so we chose sandstone again.As a next step we had to overcome the difference in height between the house and the street. It was also necessary to design the planted sections in an easy to clean way.

We decided to compensate the height difference with raised beeds. They had to be located on two different levels.

As our customer did not want to use sandstone we had to choose another material. This time we chose quartzite and as palisades we chose yellow granite. In order to structure the space with plants a little bit we used Italian cypresses and as a decoration we positioned balls made of natural stone..

For the shrub bed we used gravel. The choice of colour was red and silver. We decided that the flower colour should be yellow, orange, red and brown matching the sunny environment. It was important for us to use a lot of Pannonian plants, such as achillea, artemissia, irises as well as  different kinds of salvia.

The care is only restricted to mowing the lawn and enjoying to the fullest!

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