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The promenade for pots

The promenade for pots

customer: family T., summer 2014

This project was part of a renovation of a holiday home. Mr. and Mrs. T. who retired lately decided to use this house as their new domicile. It was their plan to redesign the outside facilities.

The garden should suit the style of the house. But it should also meet future requirements. What they asked for were clear lines and edges, high-quality materials as well as a diversified planting such as shrubs in other words something low-maintenance.

Visual highlight

The entrance should be made a visual highlight. Stainless steel had already been used therefore it was logical consequence to use it once more. We used pots made of stainless steel and planted different grasses and weeds. They were placed in rank and file.

We used red-leaved trees and shrubs which should be consistent with the red leaves of the existing beech tree. When making a decision on the flower colour I went for pink and violet as well as yellow and red.

An optical separation of the street and the terrace has been caused by Stipa calamagrostis „Karl Foester“. An ornament grass which is very easy to clean. Planted as two staggered grass hedges do they create a wonderful interplay of light and shadow on the grass especially in autumn.

At first sight a very simple design but if you take a closer look you can spot the refinements.

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