Gartenplanung, Gartengestaltung, Gartenpflege Burgenland

public space

garden center

The garden center

customer: flowers and gardening T., summer 2013

A classical strung-out building grown over the years. Many things have to be presented on a very small area which should be a beautifully designed garden area. It was obvious that new storage rooms were needed.

In order to achieve this we went for an extensive roof greening. We used different sedum plants as well as wild leek that would bloom wonderfully in spring. Continue reading

The bull stable

The bull stable

customer: community St. M., summer 2013

This place is located in my home village and it was an honour for me to design it. It required a balancing act between the mayor, the local council, citizens as well as community employees.

Because only if all participants stand behind the project you can talk about a successful realization. Especially in public spaces. Continue reading