Gartenplanung, Gartengestaltung, Gartenpflege Burgenland

garden center

The garden center

customer: flowers and gardening T., summer 2013

A classical strung-out building grown over the years. Many things have to be presented on a very small area which should be a beautifully designed garden area.
It was obvious that new storage rooms were needed.

In order to achieve this we went for an extensive roof greening. We used different sedum plants as well as wild leek that would bloom wonderfully in spring.

Open space heating

Furthermore the area had to be designed as functional as possible. Therefore we went for a spacious paved area. Most of it was provided with an open space heating. This guarantees snow and ice-free pavements which also reduces the accident risk.

The existing concrete stone wall on the right side was covered with bricks and wood matching the materials used for the storage rooms. We decorated the wooden wall with grassed ceramic pots.

We also wanted to train the senses of hearing. Therefore we built a fountain in form of a stone. Our aim was to appeal to the sense of hearing.

For planting we chose very traditional as well as exotic plants. The palette ranged from wig shrub to aralia as well as fuchsias and hardy cactuses.

The official opening ceremony took place in the course of the Christmas exhibition last winter. The newly designed area was something really special.

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