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The bull stable

The bull stable

customer: community St. M., summer 2013

This place is located in my home village and it was an honour for me to design it. It required a balancing act between the mayor, the local council, citizens as well as community employees.

Because only if all participants stand behind the project you can talk about a successful realization. Especially in public spaces.

A seating area equipped with a drinking fountain

After several proposals we decided to create a seating area equipped with a drinking fountain which could also be used by cyclists. For the design of the water station we were supported by the local master builder who is also a member of the local council.

The selection of materials was made quite quickly. Sandstone from St. Margarethen, basalt chips from Pauliberg as well as mulch material for the plant area. The choice of the plants was rather easy. As a wine village we went for grapes. As a solitary tree I chose holm oak. This tree is an evergreen and is prospering suberp in the mild Pannonian climate.
Furthermore we also used ornamental grasses, such as flax weed, grey fescue Artemisia, globe thistle and the wonderful maidenhair fern. They are all to be found in local areas of dry grassland. Finally we created a nice mixture of local ornamental grasses, plants located in prairies, plants from South Africa as well as Central Asia.

There is nothing finer than to see that our creation is accepted by the people. And of course it pleases me as well.

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