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natural pool 4+1

natural pool 4+1

customer: family M. and K., autumn 2009 – spring 2010

What about clients who are satisfied with their garden? Ask what the problem might be! In this case the garden required too much maintenance and service.
Time that the clients did not have and they did not want to use for it anymore. A garden that did not fit into their daily routine any longer. What to do? Exactly – you create a similar one and you drop the annoying things. At first we designed the garden in different varieties but then decided that it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. It is okay the way it is!

We went for an ornamental pool similar to the existing one, only bigger. We replaced the lawn area by a spacious patio with sunloungers and a wonderful natural pool. The lady of the house was extremely glad about the removal of the lawn area. Mowing the lawn had become too hard even if there were only a few square meters. Therefore she really appreciated this step.

Prämierter Typ IV Schwimmteich des Jahres 2010 in Bronze der österreichischen Schwimmteichbauer. VOESN: Schwimmteich-Naturpool-Verband-Siegel

Furthermore we decided to install a wind and privacy wall. For someone who loves his home village it was obvious to choose sandstone from St. Margarethen as a working material.

In the meantime this part of the house has become the main meeting point for the whole family. Two children have already learnt how to swim in this natural pool.
We are not the only ones who think that this project was a total success. It has been rewarded with a bronze medal Austria-wide. We therefore want to say THANK YOU!

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