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Natural pool, the second attempt


Naturpool, die Zweite

Customer: Family: T., summer – autumn 2014

Family T. contacted us with a special request. They complained that they had a swimming pool that did not work properly. They were so unhappy that they even thought about refilling the hole. They wanted to forget all the troubles!

After a long conversation with the family in our office in Loipersbach we gave it another try. We could convince them that a natural pool is something special, but if it has been wrongly constructed it can not work as it should.

The photos they had brought revealed very clearly what kind of mistakes had been made. Mistakes made from the beginning. This understanding led to the fact that we had to dismantle the pool completely. An extensive renovation was therefore necessary. Only the pond liner as well as a few other parts could be preserved.

With the vital support of the whole family the materials were removed step by step. Apart from the boulder nothing could be used. It was their wish that in the future the bottom of the pond should be easy to clean. We therefore decided to use certified quality natural stone slabs in the quality of travertine which would fit into the design concept.
Concerning the exterior design the family wanted a special place for a whirlpool and they also wanted to redesign the barbecue area.
Today family K. talks enthusiastically about their natural pool. They are fascinated how beautiful and maintenance-friendly a well designed pool can be. We can only recommend every client to contact an expert. In this case to work together with a certified company. It is also useful to take legal advice and to visit display projects.
A perfect project can only be assessed after a few years. It needs time in order to judge whether a natural pool works well or not. We might not build a hundred natural pools a year but those that we build work perfectly. This project did not result in any objections. We are a member of the Austrian pool constructors. Since 2011 it is obligatory that every pond has to be certified. We are proud to say that none of our projects has ever been rejected.

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