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The bench next to the pool

The bench next to the pool

customer: family K., summer 2011

One day family K. contacted us to come by. They wanted to talk about the realization of a natural swimming pool.
They already had some preinformation but were quite unsure about many different things.

During our first interview we realized that they already knew many things about gardening but unfortunately quite a lot of it was not correct.

Naturpool-Zertifizierung_Null-BeanstandungenMany of the things could be explained and set right later on. Together we could work out what kind of swimming pool would suit them best.

Our choice was a natural swimming pool type IV with subordinate plants as well as a maximum of swimming area and enough space for the children to play.

Basis for the planning was to integrate the water into the house. On the one hand the closeness to the house and on the other hand the reflection of the water. We wanted to project the surface of the water into the winter garden.

It was also important to us that the garden could be used at any time of the year. Therefore we planned and built a nearly 12-metre long bench next to the winter garden.

As soon as the sun shines the bench can be used either for walking or just relaxing. A piece of furniture that does not have to be put away before winter. Besides that is an architectonic eye-catcher.

In order to put all that into practice we raised the height of the garden and saved unnecessary disposal costs like that.

In the meantime their youngest daughter has learnt to swim and the security fence could be removed.
Today she is proud to tell that she learnt to swim in front of the house. Every day the family enjoys the garden anew. What an outcome!

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