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The natural pool

Schwimmteich Gartengestaltung

The natural pool

show garden: summer 2008/2009

We wanted to create our own natural pool on the company premises. We started the project full of beans and happiness. We did not have a plan or a clear idea of the final product.

As we were confronted with a very narrow area we had the idea to place the sun terrace next to the pool

Like this it does not only feel homelike it is also the sunniest part of the garden. The sandstone wall that surrounds the terrace absorbes the sunrays during the day and gives off the warmth during the night.

Also metal was a very important material we used for this project, as we did for the water fountain and for the bridge towards the terrace. For the bridge we used a grid made of metal which enables you to have a look at the surface of the water while crossing it. It is just wonderful to enjoy the first sunrays of the year and to observe the newts in the water.

The planting should be a little bit exotic therefore we used a wonderful Yucca palm. Furthermore hemp palm trees as well as pomegranate which pleases us with delicious fruits every year.

VOESN: Schwimmteich-Naturpool-Verband-SiegelPrämierter Typ V Schwimmteich des Jahres 2010 in Silber der österreichischen Schwimmteichbauer.

All in all it turned out to be a wonderful project even without planning. We were even rewarded with the silver medal from the Austrian swimming pool and natural pool constructors. But for sure the new natural pool is going to be planned in advance as the „experiment“ should only take place during the planning stage.


Link: Online-Brochure “Schwimmteich und Naturpool” (Verband Österreichischer Schwimmteich- & Naturpoolbau – VÖSN)

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