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the whirlpool garden

the whirlpool garden

customer: family K., summer 2012

Family K. informed us about the fact that they had bought a whirlpool at a trade fair. After this purchase they were not quite sure what else they would need. They thought a base plate not more than that … Mentioned in passing the owner said that he would not use it anyway.
After further discussions and a few drawings we could convince the family that the path to the house as well as the existing terrace were too far away. Therefore we suggested to create a new one.

A new entrance was needed and a visual protection that could be used as a wind protection at the same time. Persuasiveness was necessary to convince them to go for a new terrace. We thought that wood was the right choice. There is no better material to go barefoot even during the winter. We only used indigenous wood for the terrace and for the plastering we chose a combination of granite and porphyry from the South of Tyrol. We thought that the natural stones and the wooden planks would create a perfect harmony.

To top it all off we chose herbs for the planting. It is of course the wonderful smell but also the rustling caused by the wind that creates an interesting atmosphere.

A few months later I bumped into Mr. K. Lo and behold! He now uses the whirlpool nearly every second day.

Finally what can someone say about that? I guess we did our job well!

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