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the “Wunschgarten”

the “Wunschgarten”

customers: family R., summer 2012

When we had our initial conversation with Mr. R. we were not quite sure whether he was aware of the extent of the project. He had a lot of wishes and ideas. But before we could start with the garden there were many other things that needed to be done.
Lo and behold! After one year everything had been implemented and the realization of the project could start.

But let’s start with the wishes and the planning: family R. only had one wish – a garden finally! They wanted a Kneipp basin to indulge in their passion every day. Furthermore it was also their wish to have a vegetable field and many flowers that bloom throughout the year.

But Mr. R. also wanted an economic useful garden, e.g. for working wood and for the storage of wood.

VOESN: Schwimmteich-Naturpool-Verband-SiegelIn the course of the design we decided to integrate the existing clinker walls and to use the colour red again and again. Unfortunately the walls were in such a bad state that they had to be pulled down. The walls itself were kept in white and for the coverage we decided to use bricks.

The Kneipp basin was positioned on the left side whereas the associated seating area was positioned on the right side of the property. This was the best place to enjoy the sun to the fullest. As a sun protection we used solar sails produced by company Maletschek.

The vegetable patch was included in form of a raised-bed garden. This was very practical on the one hand and on the other hand it should also make things easier for the family in the future.

For the Kneipp basin we decided to use a biological filtration plant (Hyydrobalance) and different floor coverings in order to stimulate the blood circulation.

At the end of the planning stage it turned out that the family also wanted to have fruit trees. Therefore we planted three fruit trees along the drive as well as Asimina triloba as solitary trees.

After some time the family told us that they use the Kneipp basin every day and that they would definitely go for it once more.
A nice validation for a successful project!

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