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The promenade for pots

The promenade for pots

customer: family T., summer 2014

This project was part of a renovation of a holiday home. Mr. and Mrs. T. who retired lately decided to use this house as their new domicile. It was their plan to redesign the outside facilities.

The garden should suit the style of the house. But it should also meet future requirements. What they asked for were clear lines and edges, high-quality materials as well as a diversified planting such as shrubs in other words something low-maintenance. Continue reading

lounge in silver

lounge in silver

customer: family T., spring 2014

While I was dealing with the building owner of that project there was one thing that was definitely clear – everything was unclear. The client insisted that he wanted a trick fountain in the middle of the lawn area. After a few discussions and sketches I could convince him of my visions and ideas.

I wanted to go for a kind of lounge placed in the rear-side area. An area where people could relax and enjoy the water game. I could finally persuade him with my outlook drawings. Continue reading

The bull stable

The bull stable

customer: community St. M., summer 2013

This place is located in my home village and it was an honour for me to design it. It required a balancing act between the mayor, the local council, citizens as well as community employees.

Because only if all participants stand behind the project you can talk about a successful realization. Especially in public spaces. Continue reading

The „Aqua-Diamante“ pool

The „Aqua-Diamante“ pool

Auftraggeber: family M., construction phase 1 – 2012, construction phase 2 – 2013

A typical strung out building in Burgenland which can be very often found in our area. At the beginning of the planning phase we decided to divide the project into two construction phases. It was obvious that the first phase had to be the area in front of the conservatory. The reason for this decision was that the estate has access on both sides. But the planning phase happened at once because it should result in an overall concept.

Concerning the patterning of the pavement we went for different pavements in order to obtain various depths. For the garden we used limestone from Salzburg. Under the walnut tree we created a sitting area which is surrounded by shrubs. This area is a nice refuge on hot summer days.

In order to have more sunlight on the planned pool we rotated it by 45°. As a further highlight we planned a brick shower. The inner side has been painted in yellow and the outside has been clad with natural stones. Furthermore this stonework serves as a wind break and privacy fence.

For the pool the building owners went for stainless steel. The water treatment should not be made with chlorine but also not absolutely organic. The family is very concerned about health and wellness. Therefore they went for the „Aqua-Diamante“ system. The first one in Burgenland! This system allows a chlorine-free processing of water which is very healthy and beneficial für the skin. Aqua Diamante Website (Link).

Today the clients do not only enjoy their garden in summer but also in winter. Of course the whole area was equipped with light systems. There is nothing more beautiful after taking a sauna then to let your eye wander across the garden and to see the softly falling snowflakes.

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